ACR–ASNR practice guideline for the performance and interpretation of cervicocerebral computed tomography angiography (CTA)

שנת פרסום ראשונה: 2012
שנת עדכון:
מפרסם: American College of Radiology; American Society of Neuroradiology

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Aneurysm; Aneurysm, Dissecting; Aneurysm, False; Angiography; Arterial Occlusive Diseases; Cerebral Angiography; Peripheral Vascular Diseases; Sinus Thrombosis, Intracranial; Tomography Scanners, X-Ray Computed; Tomography, Spiral Computed; Tomography, X-Ray Computed; Vascular Diseases; Vascular Malformations; Vasculitis; Vasospasm, Intracranial