Viral meningoencephalitis: a review of diagnostic methods and guidelines for management

שנת פרסום ראשונה: 2005
שנת עדכון: 2010
מפרסם: EFNS

הנחיות קליניות מקובצות לפי מילות המפתח באתר של NGC:

Acyclovir; Adrenal Cortex Hormones; Antiviral Agents; Biopsy; Blood Cell Count; Blood Sedimentation; Culture Techniques; Decompression, Surgical; Diagnostic Imaging; Diagnostic Techniques, Neurological; Electroencephalography; Encephalitis, Viral; Foscarnet; Ganciclovir; Hematologic Tests; Hospitalization; Immunization; Intensive Care; Intensive Care Units; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Medical History Taking; Meningoencephalitis; Neurosurgical Procedures; Oxadiazoles; Physical Examination; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Radiography, Thoracic; Serologic Tests; Spinal Puncture; Vidarabine