Seminar on advanced electrophysiological techniques, Nov 2015

Save the Date November 2015 9-11

2015 Workshop Seminar on advanced electrophysiological techniques for the examination of the peripheral nerve and muscle.

The seminar is designed for younger neurologists and rehabilitation physicians who are exposed and have a special interest in patients with neuromuscular diseases. This is an interactive teaching course that will improve the skills of the participants in diagnosing neuromuscular diseases using advanced electrophysiological methods.

The workshop seminar will be taught by Prof Devon I Rubin, MD, FAAN,  Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL.

We have designed a unique learning program that includes lectures, live and video demonstrations and hands-on experience. By the feedback received, the previous workshop seminar that was held at Assaf Harofe Medical Center in 2013 has contributed importantly to the clinical knowledge and decision–making process of the participants. The 2015 3-days seminar will be held at Tel-Aviv Medical Center.

Click here for the program.

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