Important Reminder !! Neuroimmunology Meeting Call for Abstracts

Dear friends,

As you know this year our neuroimmunological meeting will be together with the Neurological society, in Jerusalem. I take the opportunity to remind you that it is important to sent abstracts, since the program, besides the invited lecturers from abroad will be based on the abstracts sent. In addition, it is very important to show our presence and our impact in the field of Neurology.

For submitting abstracts click here.

During this meeting, there will be also elections for one of the positions in our Executive boards.

Finally, I would like to mention that we will have this year very special guests from abroad ! Prof. Larry Steinman (from Stanford), Prof. Vanda Lennon (from Mayo Clinic), Prof. Marinos Dalakas (from NIH), Prof Ralf Gold and Prof. Norman Latov (from Cornell) !!

Please submit as many abstracts as possible from your groups (and soon !)

Warm greetings and Hag Sukkoth Sameah !


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