International Neuropsychiatric Association, October 2015

The INTERNATIONAL NEUROPSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (INA) aims to prevent or reduce the suffering of people with brain-behavior disorders by increasing, integrating, and disseminating knowledge and working to understand the relationships between brain function and human behavior. Meetings have been held around the world in diverse cities such as Sydney Australia, Kyoto Japan, Cancun Mexico,  Athens Greece, Toronto Canada, Chennai India, Buenos Aires Argentina and Chicago USA. We expect about 500 participants at the upcoming meeting in Jerusalem from all over the world.

INA congresses accomplish their objectives by providing a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas among a variety of professionals including psychiatrists, neurologists, neurophysiologists, neuropsychologists and brain scientists with an interest in neuropsychiatric issues.

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RH Belmaker MD

Visiting Professor of Psychiatry

Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center
Israel Psychiatric Association, President-Elect

International Neuropsychiatry Association, President-Elect
Tel: +972-50-6679700


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