Agreement to Participate in Delphi Exercise

We would like to seek the help of members of the Israel Neurological Association. We are in the process of devising a checklist of key items to report for common neurological disorders, with the aim of reaching a consensus on which items should be included as part of an evidence-based general reporting guideline recommendations for neuroepidemiological studies.

In order to reach consensus, we shall be employing a Delphi technique. This is a rapid and relatively efficient way to collect information from a group of knowledgeable people by taking into consideration the opinion of each individual.  The technique has three features: response anonymity, iteration (processes occur in rounds) and controlled feedback (showing the distribution of the group’s response after each round as well as qualitative feedback). The aim of the first round is to:  a) To rank the importance of each criterion included in an initial checklist; and b) To suggest new criteria, if needed.

The Delphi process requires participation in all rounds, in order to draw consensus and it is envisaged that there will be at least THREE rounds in total.

Individuals that are interested in participating in the Delphi exercise should complete the attached project outline and agreement form and return via e-mail to:  Helen McDonald (

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