EAN Research Fellowship, Clinical Fellowship & Spring School 2017

EAN Research Fellowship 2017

Research training fellowship

Expected to be of 12 months duration, to lead either to completion of a higher degree, a grant application or peer-reviewed publication.

Research experience fellowship

Expected to be of at least 6 months duration for individuals who might otherwise not have the opportunity to gain high quality research experience, but who may wish to pursue a research career. Applications from more experienced clinicians/researchers requiring training in a specific research methodology or technique not currently available in their own country and of clear value to home department will also be considered.

EAN Spring School May 11-14, 2017

Preliminary Programme 

1. Multiple sclerosis

2. Inflammatory neuropathies

3. Stroke

Participants can prepare their own cases for presentation and discussion, including video if appropriate and the patient has consented.
Contributions to the optimal organisation of neurological care, neurological services and postgraduate education throughout Europe will be presented.

EAN Clinical Fellowship 2017

In 2017, the EAN will offer 35 Clinical Fellowships.
The programme is designed for a stay of 6 weeks in the Hosting Department (with a minimum of frequency of 5 days/week in each of the 6 weeks).

The objective of the “Clinical Fellowship Programme” is to provide a well- defined clinical observational experience in a department with recognised expertise in a specific field.
With this programme, neurologists that are still in the process of training, or recently qualified and setting up a new service/practice can learn from observing the usual practice in that department, including any or all of clinical practice, service structures or specific techniques conducted in the Hosting Department.

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