Request from the Royal College of Physicians of the UK

Dear Sirs

kdm is a specialist medical communications agency.  We have been commissioned by the Royal Colleges of Physicians in the United Kingdom to promote the Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs).

The Royal Colleges of Physicians and the Association of British Neurologists have worked closely together to produce the SCE examination and it is considered the ‘gold standard’ postgraduate qualification for physicians looking to progress in their specialty.

After a research project conducted in 2011, it showed that there was a lot of interest from individuals wishing to take the SCE qualification in Israel.

We would very much like to promote the SCE examination by advertising with the Israel Neurological Society in any print publications that you produce or online, either in your e-newsletter or a banner on your website.  We can also courier to you an informative printed flyer, at absolutely no cost to you, for you to distribute at conferences or seminars that you may be attending.

Here is a link to a downloadable pdf that will give you further information about the SCEs.

Please do get in touch with me to let me know if we are able to advertise with you and I will send the specified artwork to you.   If you would like to receive the printed information flyer, please do let me know how many copies you would like to receive and the address that they should be sent to

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards, Sarah

Sarah Allen, Director
kdm communications limited
Cressner House, Suite 3,

12 Huntingdon Street, St Neots, PE19 1BG
Tel +44.1480.405333 | Fax +44.1480.477833 | Skype sarah.allen73

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